Why My Beauty Campaign?

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Why My Beauty Campaign™?

It seems our society has slowly convinced women into habits of comparing her unique body and self with unrealistic standards of Beauty and perfection the media portrays. My Beauty Campaign™ is on a mission to spread the message that “A Beautiful Woman is a Woman who FEELS beautiful!” You are beautiful just the way you are because you are YOU! A Beauty Transformation™ is a journey to rediscover your true self, and bring your beauty into focus through a Beauty Session and you can experience one wherever you are in the world!

What is a Beauty Transformation™?

A Beauty Transformation™ is a journey that helps you rediscover and love you. At its completion, you will have amazing photos that will serve as a constant reminder that you are truly beautiful. After you choose or request an MBC photographer, you will receive the incredible Self Analysis Assignment™ which is the core of My Beauty Campaign. You will feel enlightened, become more aware of how those who love you feel about you, and privately release your insecurities. We have great resources for you to improve your health as well as learn to dress your true nature. You are also encouraged to spend some long overdue quality time on yourself! You will sum up your journey with a fabulous photo shoot with your MBC Photographer who will use creative methods during and after the photoshoot to help you feel natural, comfortable, and most importantly beautiful. When all is finished, you will be able to say, “I am Beautiful!”

How do I get Started?

Easy! Search for an MBC Photographer near you and choose your MBC photographer and check out what they include in their sessions. After you purchase your session here, you will be mailed the Self Analysis Assignment™ and your photographer will contact you to schedule your session. If there is not a photographer near you yet, simply register and within 2 weeks, a wonderfully trained and talented new MBC Photographer will contact you to schedule your session. Then, get ready to enjoy one of the most uplifting, and enlightening experiences of your life!

My Beauty Campaign is on a Mission.

When you walk in public past woman after woman, it is unfortunate that our society has conditioned you to subconsciously categorize each woman, or even worse…you compare yourself to them. You see short and tall, thin or curvy, fashionable or completely laid back women. Sadly, you might have thoughts like, “Oh I would be happier if I looked like….” or “I would be more beautiful if…” Well, My Beauty Campaign is on a mission to remind you that every single woman is beautiful, and we are redefining the definition of ‘Beauty.’

Beauty should no longer be a description of outward appearance that society advertises. A beautiful woman is a woman who FEELS beautiful and your beauty shines brightest when you are happy with yourself today. My Beauty Campaign offers a unique, photographic experience to help your build your self-esteem and body image through a Beauty Transformation. Unlike many products in the beauty industry, our main focus is not changing your physical appearance or objectifying your body, but rather improving how you feel about yourself and reminding you that you are beautiful today because you are ‘You.’ After your unforgettable journey, you will be able to say,

“I am Beautiful.”